This charming nursery for a little boy is full of sophistication and sweetness in equal measure. When the homeowners, a young couple, approached Naomi Alon Coe of Little Crown Interiors to transform their guestroom into their newborn son’s room, they were concerned about making sure that the room fit within the same stylistic context as the rest of the home. That’s why Naomi made sure that none of the pieces of furniture or decor that she selected would feel too out of place in this Spanish-style home in Los Angeles.

When asked if this room needed a lot of work, Naomi shared that it was actually in pretty good shape: bright walls, good bones. “The biggest challenge was that there were a few quirks that often come with an older home,” she explained, “such as the floors and walls not being straight, and some odd electrical mounts that were an eyesore.” After addressing those issues, the designer selected an eclectic mix of pieces, some modern such as the unfinished wood crib by Oeuf NYC, some traditional such as the oriental-style rug from Surya

But the real charm of the room came from the unique pieces of artwork that were layered into the space. The couple owned a limited edition piece by Takashi Murakami that they wanted prominently displayed. Then there was the matter of the copper “B” that the owner had kept since he was little. “He really wanted to use it in the space, even though it was a little banged up,” Naomi said, “we chose to keep it how it was, given that the house had that historical feel. Even though the piece isn’t perfect, it really adds to the character of the space.”  The designer then tied in the copper with floating shelves for children’s’ books on display. “There was a bit of a risk of so many different stylistic elements as it all needed to feel balanced and cohesive,” Naomi said of the design process, “by not going overboard in any direction, the room has subtle manifestations of each element and really works!”