Coming across a part of your home that could use a facelift is a reality that many of us confront on a daily basis. It could be a guest bathroom that is a source of embarrassment when friends stay over, a spare room that could be put to better use… But the idea of hiring a contractor and going through the hugely burdensome renovation process can put us off tackling these spaces in our homes. Today, we’re sharing a basement transformation that was done in just a few days that illustrates how with the help of a couple of coats of paint for the walls and easy to install pre-painted moulding, a room can go from uninspiring to magazine-worthy.

Jamie and Morgan Molitor are the husband and wife duo behind the home remodeling/DIY/design company Construction2Style. Having worked on numerous projects of transforming homes they’ve become experts of the process and of the products available on the market. But like all families (they have two young energetic boys) time and economic resources can be limited. They then discovered Metrie’s pre-painted moulding, which allowed their vision to come to fruition. “Using Metrie Complete saved us so much time,” Morgan shared, “it was ready to install, already primed and painted. There was absolutely no paint prep or paint clean up.” Not having to worry about drips, or paint-splatter Jamie was able to install the baseboards in just a day – turning a significant update into a post-work project.

Check out our slideshow to see the before-and-after, as well as follow Jamie and Morgan’s process of turning their beige basement into a living space for the whole family.