A primary bathroom does not have to be large to really sing. This adorable but modest bathroom in Wisconsin hits all the right notes. When you think of bathrooms and quality products – not to mention Wisconsin – you automatically think of Kohler. Of course Kohler is the gold standard for sinks, toilets and tubs, but this bathroom has Kohler shining through in all the details, right down to the towels and bath accessories. Whether it be faucets, finishes or flushing, you can count on exquisite design, innovation and the highest quality. 

There are several key focal points in this cozy bathroom.  The vanity with paired sleek Vox rectangle sinks is grounding in the felt-grey finish, while the shine of the titanium Composed Collection faucets is a bit ethereal.  The pulls on the vanity as well as the towel bars and bathrobe hook help accentuate that stunning Vibrant Titanium faucet finish and is the definition of eye catching, pulling the eye to the glossy finish and balancing the room. In a smaller format space, storage is always a priority so the client chose to go with paired lighted Verdera mirrors with medicine cabinet storage. For organization Kohler offers the personalization of the interior of the vanities — this particular Damask double vanity has the drawer divider package with roll-out appliance storage, general storage tray and oral care tray, adjustable shelves.  Offering an added element of countertop organization, the nested Bente ceramic accessory set adds texture and beauty from the wood tray and coarseness of the ceramic surface itself.  Speaking of texture, the weave on the Turkish towels in a mix of white and moody thunder grey is plush and pleasing.  The bathrobe and bathmat in that same textured weave took it a step further and, with the addition of the plush sheepskin rug, strikes the perfect chord on those cold Wisconsin autumn mornings. They are displayed like textile art on the rustic wooden ladder that is both grounding in the natural wood and a space friendly choice in a smaller footprint space.

Finally, the Veil Comfort smart toilet really does it all.  We can’t even image what else it could offer the user. It lights up and has a seat warmer for nighttime visits, has a lid that opens and closes automatically, remote flushes and personalized settings that can be accessed from a touchscreen, and after our recent pandemic run on toilet paper, it has cleaning and drying all taken care of for you. (It can even play you a song!) But the true hit is the soaking tub.  The Stargaze tub in pure white is a stunner and the sister floor mounted Composed faucet in the matching Vibrant Titanium finish is minimalist but sculptural. Putting on the bubbles and spending a long chilly Sunday afternoon in that tub is music to our ears. If the tub is really the melody of the room, then the harmony must be the geometric charcoal, grey and white tiles. They bring the room together and marry the modern with the rustic, the sleek accessories and faucets with the wood. The selection of the black and white artwork from Minted adds interest and simplicity throughout the small space. We love how the tub sits under the two Jamie Derringer calligraphy prints. Though the tub would be calling to us like a sirens song, the glass shower stall with the Purist showerhead and Shift and Square handshower fixtures might just cause us to sing. Singing in the shower always sounds good, right? Let’s just hope no one will be listening to be safe.