It’s not often than children’s room inspire as much excitement around the office as this one designed by Michelle Binette. While it is definitely appropriate for the client at hand (a young girl in a family of five), it balances overall great design principles with child-friendly moments. Originally, Michelle had been contacted by this family in Toronto to redo their guest room. It had a minimal amount of furniture and needed those finishing touches to make it feel complete. But when her clients found out that they were having a baby boy, they needed to make room. Their daughter then needed to have her own space: thus this guest room became hers.

I am proud of this project because not only did I create a space the clients love, but it was an inspiring project that is a true representation of who I am as a decorator and an artist,” Michelle shared with us. Indeed, all of the elements in the room have a harmonious balance and show a clear vision. “The rooms [my clients] were drawn to included blush tones, with feminine and stylish elements,” she said. The foundational decision made for this space was the wallpaper — a lovely gray watercolor floral that would easily something the clients’ daughter would grow into. Next, were the drapes — a solid light pink fabric was selected to create that feminine feel they wanted. 

But Michelle wasn’t without a few designer tricks up her sleeve. The clients’ daughter had a fascination for bunnies — Michelle found and framed a digital download by LilaxLola that was purchased on Etsy, creating a lovely moment in the room. She also hung a gallery wall with the little girl’s paintings and drawings in frames from IKEA. “They are perfect for swapping art out as she gets older,” she explained. The dresser and nightstands were kept from the previous guest room, adding a mature touch to the space. “To help make the dresser feel more whimsical I swapped the hardware out with large brass knobs,” Michelle said, “this is a great way to transform a piece of furniture with little effort!” Lastly, to give the room a unique touch she had the bedroom door painted pink. “It gave the room a bit of edge. I wanted to add an unexpected touch that was intended to add some fun to the room.”