As a head data scientist for Airbnb, Elena needed a comfortable place to escape from work. Though she had a clear vision aesthetically, her 700 sq. ft. apartment in San Francisco’s Mission District had a difficult floor plan, making it tough to find cohesion. She brought in designer Nicole Newkirk to bring her concept to life. Nicole explains, “Elena travels quite a lot for work, so staying in nice hotels with comfortable bedding is what she didn’t have when she was home. This is where we came in.” Her firm transformed the tiny space into an oasis that even the most luxurious hotels should be jealous of. We’re chatting with Nicole to learn more:

How did you bring Elena’s dream bedroom to life?
Our initial vision for the space was to keep it light, bright and airy. This was key in designing this room because the existing furniture and yellow/ beige walls were dark. Elena literally wanted to brighten  everything up so it doesn’t feel like a dungeon. First, we wanted to lighten up the space by using the natural light with the white walls and when we were sourcing furniture we made sure that certain pieces were  light cream/ white. The accessories had to be a pattern or texture to break up some of the white.

Were there any challenges along the way, or difficult design moments?
The floor plan was quite difficult because every wall had a door or a window on it so finding the placement for the bed made it quite problematic. We ended up placing the bed in front of one closet doors that is now behind that curtain. This is a closet the client never accesses so it made the placement for things much easier.

Also, the client wanted a desk in her room but we didn’t have any space for one. we also didn’t want the room to be packed full of furniture because it isn’t that big, so we sourced around like crazy looking for a white dresser that could be converted to a desk when needed. There aren’t many dressers like this so I’m glad we found this one from Allmodern! When you have a small space, it’s important to source multi functional furniture that can serve a purpose.

So true. What do you love most about the room?
Can we say we love everything about this room?! We really love how cozy the room looks and feels. Paint was the major component that brought this bedroom to life. The transition of what the spaced looked like before to what it is now is night and day. What we love most about this bedroom was that my client is over the moon about how her new bedroom turned out.

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