When Emily Henderson and her team wanted to transform a friend’s loft, she knew Target’s Project 62 collection was just what she was looking for to create a stylish, modern living area. Emily says, “When you hear the term “modern,” you don’t really think of it next to words like “warm” or “inviting.” I was excited about making over a space with pieces from Target’s Project 62 collection to show people that it is possible – and affordable — to achieve a modern and edgy yet comfortable and functional space. “

Here’s her advice for creating a warm modern space. See the space in the slideshow and get more tips below!

Pick a color scheme and stick with it. Use consistent colors throughout your décor, highlighting any brighter tones in statement pieces like furniture or wall art, and varying textures to liven up the space. We went with a neutral color scheme, and layered in blue accents through the Navy Enamel Tray and Framed Water Color Abstract. This will help make the room look pulled together and not too busy, but also keeps it from looking too harsh or sterile.

Play with shapes and sizes. If you have angular pieces, try complementing them with a round coffee table or a triangular lamp. This instantly adds some edge and dimension to the room. Here we placed rectangular Project 62 bookshelves alongside two of the collection’s coffee tables.

Less can be more. In small spaces, it’s easy to accumulate things and to get lost in different styles, colors and textures, so we made it our goal to find a balance in creating a simple, yet stylish and functional space. We did this by using multiples of the same pieces (two of the same chairs, coffee tables and lamps), as symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye. One of my favorite pieces was the Beckstand Apartment Sofa because two of them fit perfectly in the loft, it’s super comfortable and was easy to dress up with throw pillows.

Pst- want to see more? Check out this video of Emily as she designs the loft!