Peeling wallpaper, yellowing lace curtains — that was the state of this Seattle attic when K&L Interiors approached the project. The young family had purchased the home a year ago and wanted to renovate over time. The attic was the first phase of their house’s transformation that they planned on doing slowly over several years.

Certain structural elements were a challenge: the sloped ceilings, barely existent natural light, and lack of a bathroom served as immediate issues that had to be dealt with. With the expertise and help of Ainsle-Davis Construction, K&L Interiors made important changes. First, they create skylights to bring in more natural light to the mast bedroom, closet, and nursery. Then they made sure to arrange the layout of the bathroom such that the vanity cabinet could fit properly above the sink and the homeowners could shower comfortably. 

But not all served as structural challenges — the attic initially had unattractive wood-printed vinyl floors that had to go. When they peeled the vinyl off, they uncovered beautiful hardwood fir floors that they later sanded and re-treated. The other architectural surprise was the stone chimney making its way all the way from the bottom floor to the top of the attic. Instead of covering it up with drywall, they decided to uncover it and repaint it. Now it serves as a charming architectural element.

What was once an unusable space was transformed into a transitional master bedroom suite with a nursery with the help of K&L Interiors and contractors Ainsle-Davis Construction. And they managed to finish on schedule, two weeks before the family’s second daughter was born!