Designer Andrea Kantelberg starts her design process with one major question: how do you want your home to feel? Her Toronto lifestyle design company, Evolved Living, is for folks who value their health and want the spaces they spend time in to improve their quality of life. “At this point, we all know what a beautiful interior looks like,” she says. “Now more than ever there is major opportunity to focus on the direct impact homes and interior spaces have on our health and the capacity they have to nourish us.”

Her recent project, The WELLington x Evolved, highlights this ethos tremendously. The condo is located in Toronto’s Business District, and beautifully blends thoughtful design details with sustainability, wellness and health. The kitchen, often the heart of the home, definitely highlights this approach. She designed it with “golden hour” in mind, with a calming natural palette of terra-cotta, wood, and sand-colored cement flooring Materials and finishes are all sustainably minded and energy efficient — the suite of Fisher & Paykel appliances were chosen for their respect for the planet and as optimal solutions for leading a healthy lifestyle from food preservation to preparation. 

The appliances ensure food preservation, allowing for optimal preparation and consumption of health-centered meals and snacks. The Integrated French Door Refrigerator has ActiveSmart technology designed to keep food fresh longer. Since the refrigerator is one of the most opened doors in the household, ActiveSmart is a clever control system that counteracts ambient air entering and the cold air escaping. There is also a Combination Steam Oven, which marries a wall oven and steam oven technology into one. (Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways to cook — it cooks food without diminishing any of nutrients!) Other highlights include the hidden Integrated Double DishDrawer (which is Energy Star Certified!) and a F&P professional range.

Beyond the kitchen, further healthy choices abound. The entire interior ecosystem includes human-centric layouts and customized systems that purify and enhance the air and water, while lighting is designed around circadian rhythms, acoustics are considered to minimize noise pollution, and electromagnetic frequencies are reduced. Needless to say, Andrea and her team are totally disrupting the wellness arena. “Even before the pandemic, we were spending 90 percent of our time indoors,” she reflects.
“Focused on creating a new paradigm for quality of life, Evolved designs environments where humans feel better, public spaces where people thrive, and homes that nourish the people who live in them.”