When Maggie Winterfeldt, the Lifestyle & Home Editor at PopSugar, decided to turn her formal dining room into a nursery for her two young sons she reached out to Jessica McCarthy, Design Director for Decorist. Maggie had a vision for the space but needed assistance to bring it to life. We spoke to Jessica to learn more about the collaboration.

The nursery is such a fun theme! What was your inspiration?
Maggie needed help converting the formal dining room in her cozy San Francisco apartment into a multifunctional nursery for her baby as well as a play area for both him and his toddler-aged brother. Maggie wanted to create an accent wall using a whimsical jungle-inspired wallpaper mural which was the jumping off point for the safari theme of the room. I had the best time reimagining the space and how we could combine a nursery and play area in a seamless, chic way. We partnered with the stylish baby retailer BuyBuyBaby to help furnish the room. The campaign-style crib and dresser and the metal and brass bookcase were the main furniture pieces that added an instant sophistication to the room. I sourced more earthy, global accessories such as the gauze canopy and woven baskets from World Market that helped add a playful edge to the design. The cowhide rug from Bed Bath & Beyond under the crib gave the room unexpected texture and style. Needless to say, breaking up the space in creative ways was the key to creating a room that was multifunctional and chic.

What was the best part of collaborating with Maggie?
Maggie has an incredible design eye and is in the know when it comes to home decor. We collaborated on the design where we would bounce ideas back and forth and send each other links of items we loved. Maggie had a vision for the space, but it was my job as her designer to help her bring her vision to life. Maggie also brought in handmade items from Etsy that added a personal touch and made the space feel like her. Her son Beau was born on February 11th which is also my birthday — we’re Aquarius twins! This created such a special connection when designing his nursery.

Were there any challenges for this project?
The nursery opens up to the main part of Maggie’s house so the goal was to create a child-friendly space that was sophisticated enough to blend in with the rest of her beautiful decor. I was able to achieve this by sourcing pieces that felt timeless and mature yet still playful enough for her children. That combination creates a space that the boys can grow into overtime yet still matches with the rest of Maggie’s home!