Finding your dream home and checking all of your requirements is a hard thing to achieve. For this family of four, the fact that their home had stunning views of Utah Lake was a big plus, but their dated kitchen from the early ’90s was a big minus. It had strange angles, mission style swivel bar chairs and extremely drab flooring. The designers of Alice Lane Home stepped in to offer their expertise to transform this kitchen into a completely new and improved space – the before and after is truly a mind blower!

First things first, Jessica Bennett and Kendra Stephenson of Alice Lane Home had to get rid of the awkward angles created both by the walls and the island. They took out a wall to open the space up and created an island with a square shape to allow better flow and balance. Next, was to create a look that was in line with the young and hip couple’s style. Jessica and Kendra had a custom hood in satin nickel made especially for the space to give it a strong focal point. The back counter was given a fresh look with white cabinets and subway tile, and to add an element of color, bold blue panelling was chosen for the island.

White Macaubus quartzite was used for the counter tops as a more practical alternative to marble (with two boys, marble was out of the question!). The client waited patiently to get the perfect slab with just the right veining pattern. Finally, the last item on the wishlist, was one that many of us can relate to – Jessica and Kendra had a refrigerator installed big enough to fit a whole large sized pizza box. The result is a space that the family loves to enjoy together, cook and create memories in.