“For a young family much of your time is spent in the kitchen and not being able have a table where you can supervise kids and eat as a family is not functional for that lifestyle,” interior designer Stacey Cohen says, discussing a recent project. The galley-style kitchen did not allow for a sit-down eating area and offered very limited storage. Her clients wanted something that was fresh and unique, and because they had worked together in the past, her clients had established a level of comfort and were very open in terms of the design. “Quality and durability was something that was of priority to them and this kitchen was designed and built to last.”

Knowing you wanted to design a space that would stand the test of time – and a family! – where did you start for your design?
Functionality is always at the forefront of our designs, it was really important that we achieved a layout that provided optimum flow and where every square inch was utilized. This kitchen really nurtures the link between function and form. We’ve seen the return of white cabinetry over the last few years, but we were and usually are inspired by doing something bold and different while still maintaining the integrity of the space and the level of sophistication that it offers. We love mixing materials and were particularly inspired by the materials that we used for the hood detail, it was one of the first things integrated into the design and includes a combination of nero marquina marble and antique mirror. Because we were limited in space we wanted to ensure that the kitchen had a large presence which was achieved through integrating specific focal areas in the space.

A major kitchen remodel often presents unique challenges. Were you confronted with any during this design?
One of the major design challenges was that we had to work with an existing marble floor. When we ripped the old cabinetry out, because it was a deeper than the new cabinetry, we had areas that were missing the floor tile. As we know marble changes color with age, so matching the existing floor tile was not an option. We resolved this by integrating an awesome custom border to the exisitng tile which now acts as one of the greatest features in the space in my opinion. Storage and space was also a huge challenge, we wanted to maximize the amount of storage while still being able incorporate a table. Our clients had a floor to ceiling mirror where the current pantry wall is so we ripped this out and including a full height pantry which gave them an extra 6 feet of floor to ceiling storage.

Do you have any favorite features of the space?
My favorite feature in the space is undoubtedly the hood. I think it gives the kitchen a real sense of presence and level of sophistication. Watching the design come to life from the drawing phase, through to building and installation, was very exciting. It is a real work of art. The execution of it was very complicated and involved a lot of parties from fabrication to installation but in the end it was worth it. The graphically designed floor border is another of my favorite features; I think it’s a really nice detail and adds that wow factor to the space.