Design fairs are one of our favorite ways to get inspired for the season ahead. In Western Canada, the top show is IDSwest (The Interior Design Show West). Over 250 exhibitors gather to show off what’s next for residential design, while designers, buyers, and media absorb every last detail. This year, IDSwest introduced a new portion of the show called Open Studio. 10 design firms were invited to create a curated installation that would show off their talents, and Rue favorite Gillian Segal stole the show.

The theme was “work space,” but it was left fairly open-ended. “Some firms did much more conceptual projects while others took a more literal route,” Gillian explained. “The only parameters were that you had to build within 3 walls that were provided for you.” The walls were 10×10, and while there wasn’t a ceiling – designers could use rigging point to install a light fixture. (You’ll see Gillian used this asset wisely.) Her office turned out downright dreamy, and is a space we’d love to work from. Gillian was pleased as well, saying “We had complete freedom over what we were designing which was a dream come true, it’s fun to be our own client for once!”

Start the slideshow to learn more about the space, including Gillian’s inspiration and shopping sources!