Blogger, acupuncturist, and TCM practitioner Mable Cheung and her family decided that their next home would be a new build. They loved living in Windsor, Ontario, and found the perfect neighborhood that featured both older and modern homes all with a forest backdrop. Mable worked with Gray Development Group to create not just her ideal home, but also her ideal kitchen, with plenty of appliances (in some case double the usual amount!), wine bar, and walk-in pantry.

“Like many families with two working parents and small children, our kitchen had to be a workhorse,” Mable told us. “Not only for everyday meals but for hosting family gatherings, birthday parties, social events, a makeshift space for art projects, and now, homeschooling.” This meant that as much as she wanted this part of the home to look beautiful, it had to be functional, first and foremost. “Having a layout and design that flowed well was a top priority,” she said.

Firstly, the kitchen was to be completely open to the living room and dining room, without any divisions. “It creates a feeling of continuity throughout,” she added. The other defining characteristic of this space is that it features double the appliances: two sinks, one for general use and the other for food prep, a separate fridge and freezer, two ovens, and two dishwashers. “Having double dishwashers was a must for us,” Mable insisted. “We wanted to keep the space clear and the extra dishwasher space let us load after every meal.”

As a new-build home, Mable was able to customize it according to her dream must-have list. This includes a wine bar with two wine fridges and most, impressively, a swoon-worthy walk-in pantry. This pantry, though, isn’t just a place to store surplus food, but a specialized area for displaying cherished serving pieces and countertop appliances. It even features a Kitchen Aid wall-mounted microwave oven.

Beyond utility, the aesthetics of this kitchen are a defining feature. Although Mable invested in many top-of-the-line appliances, she’s was able to reduce the budget significantly by using IKEA cabinetry and Semihandmade cabinet fronts. “The most challenging part of the designing our kitchen was working within the parameters of IKEA cabinets,” she shared. “Unlike custom cabinetry that allows for custom sizes, IKEA’s SEKTION system is only available in a handful of widths and heights. It was nerve-racking designing the entire space on our own, ordering each of the pieces, and assembling over 150 cabinets. But in the end, it turned out so good!”

Mable chose Semihandmade’s Supermatte Black Slab fronts to elevate her kitchen’s look. “It was important that we not only love the finishes of this space now but also in five, ten, twenty years from now,” she said. “The black color keeps it forever classic.”