When two styles on opposite sides of the spectrum come together, they produce a style that feels unique and fresh. Designer Claire Staszak, from Centered by Design, did exactly that when decorating this bedroom, bringing bohemian and luxe together, as well as modern and traditional.

The room’s design was centered around a custom-made paisley patterned wallpaper by Relativity Textiles. The name of the wallpaper, “Boteh”, means tree of life in Persian, and is based on an old pattern that was reinterpreted into something with a more modern feel. Having worked closely with Relativity Textiles before, Claire was inspired by the company founder’s design point of view: “the world already has the richest history of design there is. We simply need to uncover pattern that is hiding under our noses.”

But as a powerful focal point, Claire kept the rest simple. “Balance is always important in design,” she says, “but even more so in the bedroom where feeling rested is the goal. If you put a busy pattern on the wall (as we did here), you’ve got to balance that with places for the eye to rest and soft textures as well.” The bedding was kept simple as were the white lacquer bedside tables. She brought in texture to break up the harshness of the dark floors and grey wallpaper with the Moroccan wedding blanket, fur throws and Oushak throw pillow.

How do you bring in luxe to your bedroom? “Invest in beautiful lighting,” Claire advises. “A chandelier or set of stunning bedside table lamps will really up the glam factor in any bedroom.” Not only does lighting tend to have luxurious materials but soft light is a key ingredient to any good bedroom. And how about tricks on how to incorporate wallpaper? “Try using wallpaper on the ceiling in a bedroom, it’s unexpected and often magical.” Looks like we’ll consider it the next time we’re rethinking our bedroom’s decor…