There are lists after lists of things 100% necessary when having a baby and many of them detail the requirements for a nursery. We trust you’ll figure out the crib and changing table solutions that are best for you but how do you create a nursery that is as design focused- and practical- as the rest of your home? We’re taking inspiration from Irene Lovett of designstiles kids‘ latest nursery design, who consistently creates magical rooms for children. With just a few simple design touches a stylish and cohesive nursery for your little is within reach. Here are our 7 suggestions:

1. Window coverings always help a room feel polished and are a must for blocking out the sunlight for daytime naps.
2. A cozy rug for children to play also adds warmth and texture to the space.
3. A comfortable place to sit for Mom and Dad. You’ll be spending lots of time in here and you deserve your own little spot, too!
4. Stylish storage because kids come with lots of toys, books, and gadgets. Keep them organized and tidy (and off the floor) with things like stylish baskets and bins.
5. Something personalized, like a monogrammed pillow or an art piece that means
something to the family. This will be the nursery decoration you’ll treasure long after the playdates move to real dates.
6. Décor that grows with your baby – like the mirror or love seat. These pieces will look
just as good in a grown up space as it does in the nursery.
7. A cohesive color palette to tie all of the above together!