The wave of industrial style design has come and gone. That hardened, slightly boarish dark version of it, that is. What has surged recently, however, is its much brighter, lighter, and cheerful version – the same rawness, but slightly more sophisticated and delicate. One restaurant that epitomizes this new version of the industrial look is Prado in Lisbon.

Located in a 19th-century factory that made preserves, Prado has an industrial slash modern slash farmhouse feel to it. Left abandoned for over twenty years, the space was overgrown with vines and greenery. This feature was then reimagined by the architectural firm Ark Studio who designed the space. The sage wainscotting and soaring white walls help to bring in an airy feel, and the shaker style J77 chairs by Hay give it that farm look.

But beyond just the physical space itself, Prado’s whole mantra is to be true to local and seasonal Portuguese ingredients. Chef Antonio Galapito, the 26-year-old, London trained chef, returned back to Lisbon to celebrate his country’s culinary heritage, putting his own twist on it. Every day different dishes are served, depending on what’s best at the market, although the salted goat’s milk butter is a restaurant staple. The food is served on local ceramicist Anna Morgado‘s hand-thrown dishware to give it an even more authentically Portuguese touch.