This is the third home Anna Hackathorn has completed for a favorite client, with whom she’s been lifelong friends since their mothers met when pregnant. The goal for this home was a stylish yet comfortable home that could work for a family with three kids – and three dogs! 

Many of the items in the home come from those earlier designs, however, this home is both more spacious, and according to Anna, “a more modern space than their first house, so we got rid of some of the more traditional antiques and focused on newer shapes and materials.” She preserved many favorites, however, and worked to blend the old and new.

While Anna was right in her wheelhouse with her familiar client, she did get a little daring in the color department. She says, “I often use a lot of blue and green in my work, not only because I love them, but because I find that many clients do too, and they’re easy to live with. We did use some blue here, but my client suggested that she might want to bring in some purple in the living room, so we started looking at fabrics and found so many good ones that we ran with it. It was a fun departure from some of my other projects.”

See the whole home in the slideshow!