Designed for a family of five, Lara Fishman of Storm Interiors’ recent project was inspired by “the pop culture and color of Andy Warhol meets southern California chic.” The client wanted a very resilient space because their three young kids. “Color and funky elements were paramount, as they wanted their design to reflect southern California as they moved here from the East Coast.”

Reaching that vision required a major overhaul, however. Lara says, “You should have seen the project before the construction…red oak flooring and touches of faux marble throughout with splashes of Italianate!” Plus a closed stairwell that interrupted the flow of the entry, so that had to be completely rebuilt.

Because of its location in SoCal, outdoor living space is almost more important than the inside and Lara created two dining areas and a lounge area by the pool. On nice days (which is most days) the owners can open up the two accordion doors to the open plan family and dining room. Each room has its own bold color palette from the teal and hot pink formal living room to the purple and gold bedroom.