A fashion industry power couple recently came to Deirdre Doherty, founder of Los Angeles based interior design and development firm Deirdre Doherty Interiors, Inc, with a home to remodel in Hollywood Hills Their request was no small order: to marry their tastes for bold and wild and for sophisticated and fine. Together with her clients, Deirdre created a glam atmosphere that’s a standout—even by the standards of the rock stars in their neighborhood.

This home is dripping with glamour – most elegantly the built-in vanity in bathroom separate from the wall-to-wall double sink that is expressly for the lady of the house to get ready each day. The tile on the master bath floor is proof Deirdre was not afraid to go all in. We’d say it’s the most dramatic moment in the home, but that would be false. It’s not even the most dramatic bathroom. That honor goes to the powder room enveloped in black with a chunky, floating marble sink.

Despite these moments of drama, Deirdre still created a sense of home within the space. She says, “The energy of a well-designed home is palpable. There may be an urge to relax into the beauty of the space. Capturing a glimpse of an important piece of art may bring a smile to your face. A beautiful kitchen inspires you to whip up a tantalizing meal for family and friends. Allowing a home to serve all these needs and more is the healing power of interior design.”

See Deirdre’s home in the Hollywood Hills in the slideshow!