Our love for interiors is pretty indiscriminate – from offices to restaurants to studio apartments, the creativity that can transforms a space electrifies us. Which is why we were so taken by PaintBar Nail Bar in Raleigh, NC. Made up of blush and gold tones, and velvety fabrics, this nail salon, designed by MA Allen Interiors, gives an experience that is beyond pretty nails – it’s a feminine sanctuary where you’re offered a glass of Prosecco as you enter.

But getting back to the space itself, the team at MA Allen Interiors had to transform a vanilla industrial box into a contemporary feminine salon. Although color palette had a big impact in creating this vibe, elements like mouldings on the walls for the pedicure stations, the geometric rug and abstract art for the entrance, really drove the concept home. They also added repeating oversized pendant lamps for the manicure pedicure area to create an attractive focal point as well as fill up a lot of the vertical space.

MA Allen Interiors were involved in more than just the decoration side of the project – they created custom pedicure stations with comfortable armchairs and stools to elevate the experience. They also divided the space into four different sections, giving special focus to the entrance waiting area and the manicure and pedicure stations. We love the reception area with its dramatic beaded chandelier and living room feel. A partial wall is a genius way to add privacy to clients as well as divide up the space for both visual and functional effect.

PaintBar’s first location – the owners Catherine Fain & Heather Brewer are looking to open more locations around the country – is a perfect blush toned cocktail that also uses form and function to give clients the ultimate nail experience. Even more, we love that it brings in home-like features to make it feel personalized and intimate. We’re hoping that the trend of ditching solely functional, run-of-the-mill spaces for ones that have a dose of personality, catches on!