At the forefront of the US’ cutting-edge design scene is the firm Workstead, based in New York City. They’re known not just for their interiors with breathtaking millwork, but also for their product design, most notably in the form of lighting. It’s the latter part of their business that they were looking to find a space for when they browsed for properties in Hudson, NY.

As luck would have it, they found the perfect location for their showroom/studio – a home built in 1880 and owned by Cornelius H. Evans, the town’s two-time mayor that was was also a renowned brewer and businessman. The historic Queen Anne’s style building has a stunning red brick and sandstone façade with charming exterior decorative details. However, it’s the inside that is breathtaking – the interior of the building features original Aesthetic Movement details including coffered ceilings, parquet floors, wainscoting and intricately tiled fireplaces – acting as the perfect setting for Workstead’s rotating display and product development studio.

Twice a year the brand will switch out the collections featured in their showroom, as well as use the studio space to work on and expand their lighting and furniture collections. This 1000 sq. ft. space will also more frequently display other products and prototypes from the studio. “We have always been interested in the intersection of modernism and craft, but more than ever are considering the buildings that we work within and how to create a lasting dialogue between interior and exterior, ” the brand’s co-founder Robert Highsmith said.

Head to our slideshow to take a tour of the new studio.