“We had been in our previous office space for 12 years, during which time we slowly took over adjacent spaces to accommodate our growing needs,” designer Reena Sotropa says of her Calgary studio. “In the end we had over 2700 square feet of adjoined spaces that did not function very well for our collaborative work style.” The building had low ceilings and small windows; not ideal for their line of work. “We need as much good natural light as possible when we are working with colours and materials and so this dictated that the working library was situated in the space with the most natural light,” Reena recalls.

Fortunately, a new building went up right next door, so Reena and her team jumped on the opportunity. As the very first tenants of the space, they were able to customize every detail to their needs. Though they made a few modifications, they opted to keep the open floor plan of the loft-like space. “Working in an open concept space has given us a more open flow of information between designers which has resulted in fewer meetings and a greater shared knowledge of each project that comes through our studio,” Reena says. “Our design office works as a team on every project, so an open concept workspace is ideal for our approach to each of our designs.”

After bringing their design plan to life (which Reena details in the slideshow), the team has promptly gotten back to work — which looks a little different each day. “We have to admit every day in our office is different as the aesthetic and scope of each projects is never the same,” the designer laughs. “It’s not uncommon for each of us to be in and out of the office throughout the day visiting jobsites, showrooms and vendors. Our team works both at their desks and in the library space.” And the new office is great for welcoming clients and guests. “We love having visitors in our office,” Reena concludes with a smile. “We often have past clients stop in to browse our Studio Shop and visit over a coffee with our team in the studio.”

Take a tour in the slideshow below.