Temi Adamolekun always talked with her husband about collaborating on a project, but it wasn’t until the two companies that share the office where she runs her PR firm told her they were moving out the idea really started to coalesce. The result is Radiant Workspaces, a co-working space for women in San Francisco’s creative Potrero Hill district. Temi shares the story behind the space and gives a look inside in the slideshow.

What was it like collaborating with your husband to design the space?
It’s been surprisingly great. We’d always loosely talked about working together as our skills are so aligned but different. My background is in communications. I was in-house for an amazing restaurant group in SF and left to set up my own luxury lifestyle company 3 years ago, and over time moved towards design related PR (interior, jewelry with a few awesome food clients from time to time). My husband, Tobi Adamolekun, is an architect so he’s blessed and trained with all sorts of skills I know nothing about. He worked at Zaha Hadid in London, conceptual firm R&Sie(n) in Paris, and for the past few years he worked as the in-house architect for an ad agency which saw him create offices for tech companies like CA, Juniper, Docusign and more. He left to set up his own firm at the end of last year. So with our wildly different skill sets, we found it natural and very easy to stay in our lanes. He does his thing, I do my thing, and together we’ve been able to create Radiant Workspaces, a co-working space for women in SF we’re really proud of. He looks after all design and business development, I look after member relations, marketing and press. It’s been a lot of hard work and we’re ready to grow our team over the next few weeks, which we’re really excited about.

How has your workday changed now that you have a rotating group of office mates?
It keeps me feeling productive and inspired. On any given day, I could be with any mix of members in our space. Conversations spark collaborations, ideas are shared about new creations, there’s a lot of human connection which is quite often missing for solo entrepreneurs. Suffice to say I love it. I’ve made new friends, formed new business relationships and I truly am excited to go into work every day and hang with my peeps!

What has surprised you the most about creating a coworking space?
Creating something like this with my husband has been a mutually beneficial learning experience for us. I’ve gotten to see him flex his skills and he’s gotten to see me flex mine.

The support from the community has been astounding. Very early on we set out to create strong partnerships with female owned/run businesses and we’ve been supported by Framed & Matted, Hygge & West, Herbivore, Baggu, Etta + Billie, St Frank, local female artists Kelly Tunstall and Melissa Dickenson and more. Everyone I reach out to seems so excited to be part of our story and it’s been an enjoyable challenge working with so many great teams to create ideas, events and workshops for Radiant Workspaces.

We self-funded the first space to establish proof of concept so next up is raising capital for expansion. I know nothing about that but my husband has been part of a couple of great Bay Area incubator programs. Raising capital is something we’ve all heard about so I’m really excited we get to be in the eye of that storm. I imagine it will be a learning experience with a few surprises along the way. I just hope they’re all good ones!