Nashville’s Alyssa Rosenheck has a name you’ll want to remember. She’s not only a talented photographer, but she has a knack for seeking out the best up and coming brands, designers, and tastemakers. Recently, she introduced us to Nomad Collective – an innovative company that connects with artisans from all over the world, bringing their wares to the modern marketplace. Their vision? To help artists prosper and to help their clients access international talent. Alyssa recently paid a visit to Nomad’s loft – a combined home and office space. We were busy admiring the beauty while owner Brooke Morgan filled us in on the inspiration behind the company and how you can create your own Nomad home:

The Nomad lifestyle is about exploring the world and coming home – to a very special place that is truly one’s own. For us, home is sanctuary – not merely a place to store pretty things and lay our heads – but a place to rest and love and create. Crafting a truly unique and beautifully curated home and office is something that takes a great deal of consideration, experimentation, heart, time and patience. Nomad Collective is never a finished product, but rather, it’s a constantly evolving reflection of our experience in this world – a place to take risks, grow, change and be free.

Home is….

  •  a place to rest
  • a place for peace and comfort
  • a place that reminds us of where we’ve been…and where we’re going
  • a place for love, laughter and community
  • a gallery of our life
  • a sanctuary

How to create a Nomad home:

  1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Part of creating the perfect place to call home is simply knowing who you are and what you like. For my husband and I, it was important to find an urban space with lots of natural light and a modern, minimal aesthetic. We wanted to be in the action but easily removed from the noise of city life. Finding a loft in East Nashville was the perfect solution and exactly what we were looking for. Creating a Nomad home starts with the space itself, so choose it carefully.
  2. BE INSPIRED. Start a collection of images you’re drawn to and try to find the common threads. But remember that photos are merely a source of inspiration – a Nomad home is original and truly one’s own.
  3. CHOOSE COLOR…OR NOT. We chose a neutral color palette for our home and Office, because it seemed like the best way to mix and match a variety of old and new pieces. Plus, I’ve learned that I love color, but in an environment, it can make me anxious. Having a white, neutral space really creates a calm, peaceful environment, which I love to come home to.
  4. INVEST IN TIMELESS STAPLES. It took us a year to decide on a Restoration Hardware black leather Chesterfield sofa and about as long to pay it off! But we’ll have it forever, and we love it. We’ve also had great luck with ebay, scoring two amazing vintage MCM Paulistano chairs that have really changed the space. It takes time to do it right, so pick pieces one at a time and invest as you’re able.
  5. LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING. Our loft came with very minimal lighting, so it really was a blank canvas to create what we wanted. We love the work that Adam Gatchel of Southern Lights did in Barista Parlor and Rolf and Daughters, so we called on him for some industrial sconces and custom lighting in our kitchen. He also rewired the industrial lamp (a flea find) that sits in our living room. For the statement piece about our dining table, we chose to go with Workstead, out of Brooklyn, a fixture we had been eyeing since seeing it in a Dwell feature several years ago.
  6. PICK PIECES THAT SPEAK TO YOU. Decorating our home is very similar to how I compose my wardrobe. I always pick special pieces that speak to me on an emotional level. It may sound silly for the practical minded folks…but if I love it, I know I’ll find a way to make it work. The same is true for curating a home. After looking and looking for a bed and dining table, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We collaborated with local woodworker, Todd Matthews, of Golden Rule Construction, on both our custom platform bed and live edge dining room table, both pieces that are also part of the Nomad Collective.
  7. ART. ART. ART. Art is life….and so it brings a space to life. Having a mother who is an artist, I’ve inherited some pretty incredible pieces of original art. And since launching Nomad, our collection has grown exponentially. My favorite artist at the moment (besides Mom) is our friend and Birkina Faso native/Nomad artist, Harouna Ouedraogo, whose pieces are in a number of the photos you see. His work is soulful and full of movement and chaos, which is a nice contrast to the loft aesthetic. You can find great art all around you though – some of our favorite pieces have come from flea markets, backs of boutiques like Ironwood in Denver and even Goodwill.
  8. LESS IS MORE. Pick and choose. Need I say more?
  9. MIX IT UP. We have old pieces, new pieces, custom pieces, expensive pieces, inexpensive pieces – it takes all kinds to make a home feel well like home. Having a color palette that lets the mix blend seamlessly is key.
  10. MAKE IT PERSONAL. One of my favorite pieces in our home is the Peruvian ottoman that resided in my grandparent’s living room for years. Additionally, the Nomad sheepskins from Kenya (a huge inspiration behind the brand by the way) are a constant reminder of the life we’ve lived outside of our home and the people who have made is so very special. Plants are another easy way to make it personal. We’ve taken several trips to Santa Fe and Joshua Tree and our cacti collection is a little piece of the west that we love to keep with us here in Nashville.

Top 5 Sources of Inspiration:

  • Garance Dore – in another life, I would be a French woman, and I love the photography and curated eye that Garance brings to spaces, fashion and life.
  • The MoMA and The Art Institute of Chicago – Every time I go, I am filled with inspiration. Artists are the most honest, enlightened people in the world – in my opinion – and going to a museum is like looking into someone’s soul.
  • New Places + New People – This past summer, we went to Istanbul, Tanzania and Kenya – and shortly thereafter officially launched Nomad – which was a directly result of the things we saw and the people we met. Travel opens up your world and feeds you in a way that nothing else can. Whether traveling to a new town 50 miles down the road or across the Atlantic, exposing yourself to a new environment always inspires and enlightens, if you’re open to it.
  • The Flea Market – Wherever we go, we always visit the local flea market. Not for the goods necessarily, but again, for the people. Some of our most kindred spirits and most meaningful conversations over the years have been artists and artisans from various flea markets. And we’ve also scored some pretty amazing goods too.
  • Film – Watching foreign films and documentaries is a sure fire way to be inspired. I love how film instantly transports you to another time and another place – which ignites the imagination – and all from the comfort of home. Anything set in Paris…done.

To learn more about Nomad Collective, click here. To see more of Alyssa Rosenheck’s work, click here.