When Loom Decor was looking for a temporary workspace, they knew they’d need something different than what a typical co-working space could offer. The custom window treatment and accessory brand required room to house employees, studio space to shoot product photography, an area to meet with interior design clients, and have it be welcoming enough to hold sample sales for the public. They found Nashville’s ONEC1TY complex, a village of shipping containers that could be customized to help cultivate their one-of-a-kind space. As they describe it, they’re totally working “inside the box!” We’re chatting with the Loom Decor team about everything from the container’s design to what a typical day at Loom looks like. (Spoiler: there isn’t one!)

The space turned out beautifully! What was your aesthetic goal when designing the office?
Embracing the clean lines of the container and inviting in light helped open up the space, making it a welcoming atmosphere. Strategically placed bold patterns and dynamic textures elevated the container’s interior, which we thought was key to ensuring our team members and Stylists felt inspired and at ease.

Were there any speed bumps or restrictions in the design process?
We knew we’d only be in the space for a year so we couldn’t do elaborate installs or builds. And since we do most photography in-house as well as showcase our products, generic cubicles or desk spaces wouldn’t work. With the help of our design partners, we came up with a few creative solutions to ensure our shipping container-turned-office was ready for photography and retail but could also house our growing team every day.

Tell us a bit about the partners! Who did you work with to complete the space?
E-design brand Havenly took the helm of the office design. They helped create a livable and energetic office atmosphere. While furniture from Interior Define (including a staff favorite, nap-worthy couch), wallpaper from Walls Need Love, and Loom pillows and drapes completed the light and welcoming space.

Finally, what’s a typical day like at the Loom Decor HQ?
There is no typical day at Loom! Our goal is to be the fresh face of custom window treatments and textiles. We want to make ordering project-perfect pieces online hassle-free. So a day might find us brainstorming the latest fabric trends or working on our online visualization tools so you can see your customizable pieces in real time. All of our products are made in Nashville so we might be at our workroom drooling over hand-stitch drapes or fighting fires to be sure orders make it to designers all over the country in just two weeks.  We’ve also been known to indulge in a good ole Nashville happy hour every now and then.