When Hyphen & Co. set out to design the NYC headquarters of food company Sir Kensington’s, they knew they couldn’t credit just a standard office. After all, the small food company is dedicated to making better condiments with whole ingredients, less sugar, no GMOs, free range eggs for their mayo, and more. And it is particularly known for Sir Kensington himself, the discerning, monocle-d gentleman who graces all their packaging. So, with such a distinctive brand voice, their office needed to bring just as strong a point of view to the table. 

Hyphen & Co. founder Shelly Lynch-Sparks says, “The team at Sir Kensington’s was really focused on bringing the personality of the brand into the space in a unique way and creating a fun and collaborative environment for their employees.”

Luckily, Hyphen & Co has worked on many offices and prides themselves on being able to infuse the essence of a company into their physical space. “It’s more than slapping a brand color and logo on a wall,” says Shelly. “We want you to understand the milestones and each detail that goes into building that brand.” 

So the Sir Kensington’s office has a library dedicated to the history of the growing company and playful custom wallpaper throughout the space showcases some the ingredients behind favorite products – like cherry red tomatoes and everyone’s favorite, avocados. Plus, the office kitchen is one we wouldn’t mind having in our own home!

See the whole office in the slideshow! And if you love this office, you’ll be excited on April 3 when our upcoming issue of Rue Magazine features a home designed by Hyphen & Co.