When Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” needed a designer for his new Brooklyn Office, he knew just who to ask. Who better than Taylor Spellman, the designer who stages his homes on Million Dollar Listing and hosts Bravo home design show “Yours Mine or Ours” — in addition to running her own design company! She shares the story behind Ryan’s vibrant office:

What was your inspiration for the design of Ryan’s office?
Ryan LOVES color. There’s never enough color for him so I got to really ramp it up here. Color, paired with the fact this is his first office in Brooklyn inspired me to be playful and celebratory. Brooklyn is hardly known for being a buttoned up place so I happily played to that.

There are a lot of bold pieces. How did you make them all work together?
The key to making so many elements work together is a solid through line. In this case I worked everything off of the blue couch. That served as the base the design and if an element in anyway complemented the couch…I kept it!

You stage homes for Ryan + run your own firm. What’s your favorite thing about staging vs designing a home for someone… and vice versa?
I love staging because it’s extremely high pressure. You have to come up with a design that would typically take a year and produce it in a week. The stakes are high because the design is artistic and subjective but the bottom line is good staging makes for a quick sale. My favorite thing about interior design is building such great relationships with my clients. It’s always such an creative and intimate relationship that I really value.