Carly Kuhn aka the @thecartorialist is one of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Her line drawing fashion illustrations are “delightfully unexpected” looks at what’s happening in the fashion world. While at home at the drawing board, when it came time for a major renovation of her studio, Carly knew she wanted to bring in a little assistance, courtesy of designer Julian Porcino, of online interior design service Laurel & Wolf. Today Carly’s giving us a peek inside her studio (in the slideshow!) and sharing a bit about her collaboration with Julian.

“Instagram fashion illustrator” isn’t a job title that was around ten years ago. How did you get started?
My career in a way started out as just hobby. I was doodling and drawing on the side for fun while I was working full time in television. I then decided to create an Instagram account as a creative outlet and to have a tool to motivate me to draw at least once every day. From there, it was a series of fortunate Instagram events- reposts, follow up emails, collaborations- that led me to where I am today!

What a whirlwind! And now you work as an artist full time, from home. How has your studio resdesign improved your work?
The redesign improved my work/life balance by changing the space to better organize and display my art, all while keeping the studio feeling like a livable space in which I happen to also work. In the early stages, I provided Julian with inspiration photos, and he completely got my design aesthetic from the get-go.

The flat files allowed for my space to become organized while still looking beautiful, as they are white and neutral. The standing desk is an unexpected favorite because, while you may be working at a desk up against the wall, the standing aspect makes it feel open and less office-like.

Last, installing the gallery wall of my work was very special. I had never hung my own work up in my space. It truly transforms the art. Seeing my work go from piles of paper in a draw to framed and hung on my walls was very exciting.

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