Fernanda Bozza is a family portrait photographer living and working in São Paulo. She specializes in pregnant women and infants capturing their natural beauty at that unique stage. When she approached architect Renata Gaia, she wanted her to transform a lack-luster open plan office into the perfect setting for her to welcome her clients and stage photoshoots.

With both client and architect as women, with a focus on female-centric photography, Renata knew that she wanted to make this space a feminine setting. “Fernanda’s photography style is really intimate and personal,” the architect said, “she asked us to design a place where she could be very comfortable, relaxed and cozy, and where her clients would feel the same way – the space had to be feminine and have a home-like environment.” Renata created several areas that you’d find in a home – a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen – all made to create an intimate setting for Fernanda’s photography. Pink cement tile and a custom neon sign that says “everybody is beautiful” drive home that supportive feminine concept.

On the functional side, Renata selected desks from the global platform for local making Opendesk. It’s a great option for those looking for high-quality furniture for less, using digitalized designs and matching it with local craftsman to make the piece. The modern tufted bench is by Brazilian designer Humberto da Mata and the pendant lamp is by Guilherme Wentz. “Our client is also a really strong self-made woman with a solid career, and we wanted to show her personality in the studio – it’s daring but not aggressive, there’s attitude, but also kindness and coziness,” Renata shared.