Like many great designs, this recent project by Annie Lowengart of Ann Lowengart Interiors was a careful blending of competing desires. Annie recalls the challenge, “The husband was excited to be moving to Marin County, where the landscape is absolutely stunning and he wanted the home to reflect the outdoors. Conversely, the wife was a lovely chic woman and she wanted the space to reflect her glamorous side. Merging the two visions was the goal.” Plus, the young family with three kids needed a family-friendly space ideal for entertaining and everyday use. The end result? A cohesive, nature-inspired family home that (to our delight!) proves how glamorous a neutral gray can be.

The living room’s chandelier and oversized art are such strong statements. Was it hard to convince your client to take a chance?
No! On the contrary. The husband had seen the light at an art exhibit at the Sacramento airport and fell in love with it. When I finally tracked the artist down they said the turnaround time was three years. That prompted a month-long hunt for a light fixture. I combed the Internet and came across an artist, Jonquil LeMaster, who had one for sale. I will never forget the day I called my client to tell him that I found the chandelier. He was overjoyed!

The children running and gallery wall of art in the office seem so personal. What’s the story behind them?
When I started this project, my goal was to add a personal touch to each room. I wanted the media room to have warmth. The clients had just had their holiday photos taken and I loved the one of the three kids running away from the camera. It depicts such joy and warmth–which I felt was so reminiscent of the family. Collaborating with Trove, we developed a custom wallpaper showcasing the photograph.

So much of the space is neutral that the pink bedroom was a surprise after the other images. Who’s the lucky inhabitant?
The pink was inspired by the two young girls in the family. The client found the wallpaper in a gold and showed it to me. I thought the marbleization was fantastic and in keeping with the outdoor theme. I found the paper in the pink and gold. The gold was glam and the pink was girly. It was the perfect mix of all the different styles that the family wanted.