“My design interest was sparked when I was around 11 years old watching Designing Women on TV during summer holidays. Since then, it sparked my interest in fashion and design. Sounds funny but it is totally true,” swears designer Alykhan Velji of Alykhan Velji Designs. From the project he’s sharing today, it’s clear those earlier lessons – and lots of hard work since – have paid off.

Tell us about this project. Who was your client and what were your goals for this home?
The client was brought to us by a great builder, Alloy Homes. They were doing the build and brought us in to select finishes and furniture for the project. It was a renovation of a home that was built in 1950 and the clients wanted to update the space but still keep the mid-century feel of the home. The requirements were to have a functional kitchen, open concept feel, and of course for it to be family friendly and modern.

We were very lucky to have clients that had so much trust in our design decisions. They really let us run with the project and appreciated our guidance during the whole process from finish selections to furniture and decor.

We knew we wanted to select finishes that would have a fun and fresh approach that really spoke to the clients personality. We also really wanted to keep the integrity of the original home. The original floor plan worked well, but just need a few tweaks in order to make it more functional for the clients, mainly in the master ensuite and bedroom spaces.

Where there any particular challenges during this project?
Since this was a renovation of an old home, there were a lot of items that the builder was faced with that were not determined in the original scope, such as a new roof, proper installation, etc. All the elements of a renovation that are behind the scenes, that of course, need to happen but are not the “pretty” part of design. 🙂

There were also issues with a post and a bulk head in the kitchen that we had to work around. We painted these black to make them more of a feature rather than try and disguise them. I think sometimes you have to work with the elements as the more you and try and hide something, the more prominent it can become.

The angled windows also proved to be a little difficult when it came to the fact of drapery. We had to disguise a valence of sorts around the space to ensure we could get that gorgeous ripple fold linen drapery in the space. It really helps to add some softness to the whole design.

Alykhan shares more plus a tour of the whole space in the slideshow!