Amanda Campbell runs the Instagram account, @thegingerhome, where she shares a peek at country living in her 90s bungalow on 4 acres of land near Edmonton, AB Canada. “We bought the house in May, 2008 and have been slowly renovating ever since,” she says. The home has slowly been transformed into what Amanda likes to call a “English modern country farmhouse,” — a space that proves you can make any house your dream home, no matter what the size or circumstance. We’re chatting with Amanda to learn more:

Tell us a bit about your initial vision when you moved in. What were your top priorities when it came to the design and the decor?
We could see the potential when we bought the property! It was light and bright and the location was perfect for us. But in order to be able to afford the location and the land we compromised on the size of the house and committed to a full interior renovation. The house was extremely dated, the layout wasn’t ideal, the bathrooms and kitchen needed to be gutted, and the basement was unfinished. It was far from our dream home!

Ten years later a full transformation of both the interior and exterior is almost complete. 

We wanted to create a comfortable, but modern space with an English Country feel. We both have family in England and have a deep love of the English countryside and farmhouse style. We prioritized spending on the foundational elements of the space such as the solid hickory floors and new windows. We saved on furniture and décor items. With two young kids we wanted furniture that could take a beating and accessories that weren’t untouchable. We wanted to be able to actually live in our space!

Do you have a favorite room in the house?
I would have to say my favorite room in the house in our mudroom. Adding a separate entry space completely transformed the way we function in the house. Having dedicated storage for all the boots, coats, and bags etc… allowed us to declutter the rest of our home and keep the main living space clean and tidy.

What does a “perfect day” at home look like for you?
I am by nature a homebody and there’s nothing I enjoy more than being at home.

In the summer I love sitting in the screen room listening to the kids play and enjoying the warm breeze flowing through the space. And I love cozying up by the wood burning stove in the family room in the winter and watching a movie after an afternoon spent skating on our pond. The perfect day for me is simply one where I have nowhere else to be!