Haley Weidenbaum credits her childhood love of hotels for leading her into interior design. She recalls, “I found it so interesting to walk into a hotel and each would tell their own unique story. Even in my own room, college dorm, and first apartment I would try to create a space that evoked a particular feeling.” This love led her to a certificate in interior design and architecture and to Homepolish which she credits for fueling her “interior design career even further and faster than I could ever have imagined.”

This project was for a client who was expecting a baby, so they needed help finishing the nursey, as well as the rest of the home. Haley says, “Oftentimes, clients need a designer to help them pull the look together and coordinate and install the finishing touches. Their home had traditional bones but was recently updated with some modern farmhouse elements so they requested furniture and decor that was both traditional and vintage but inviting, casual, and family friendly for this next phase in their life.”

Haley focused on creating an open, airy space that isn’t over decorated. After all, with a little one on the way, her client needs to simplify! But the home is far from sparse; art and wallpaper make high-impact statements in each room.

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