About 3 km (or 1.9 miles) from the charming town of Ostuni in the heart of Italy’s south western most region, is the boutique hotel Masseria Moroseta. With views of the Adriatic and of the city center, you’re in at the center of it all but with the privacy that allows you to really let go. Designed by Andrew Trotter, founder of Openhouse Magazine, with his business partner and friend Carlo Lanzini, Masseria Moroseta is the masterful combination of old and new.

After searching for months for the perfect plot of land, they finally found a place that had the location and charm that they were searching for. With around 600 olive trees, some 1000 years old, the new building that was created was in good company. The structure itself, although new, followed the style of the typical masseria made of local white sandstone called “tufo” and with a central courtyard connecting all of the parts of the hotel. The artisans, materials, and even the food served are all locally sourced, supporting the concept of community.

However, its innovation and commitment to nature make it a modern B&B. With 80 cm thick walls, with eco-friendly recycled insulation, as well as vaulted ceilings, there is rarely a time that air conditioning or heating are needed even with the occasional 40°C temperatures in the summer. The hotel has its own water supply from its organic farm and produces its own energy with solar panels, making it a highly sustainable property. The food – which is served farm table style – is also grown on the land or sourced from local farmers. If the dishes from Puglia seduce, you can sign up for a bespoke cooking course, or even buy olive oil made from the olives grown on the land.