They don’t make hotels like this anymore… Maison de la Luz has equal parts quirk, luxury, and good taste. Located in New Orlean’s brick-lined Warehouse district, the building itself used to be an annex of City Hall. That’s when hotelier company Atelier Ace (the agency behind all of the Ace Hotels) swooped in and rehabilitated it, preserving all of the original details such as the ornate staircase banisters and stone walls.

There’s much to be thrilled about as a guest at the hotel, but you are immediately struck by the intricate and thoughtful design by Studio Shamshiri – the hotel’s Bar Marilou (the only space open to the public) exudes unabashed style with glossy red walls and a geometric tan and dark navy rug that resembles tiger print. In between the bar and the hotel is a guest only speakeasy where late-night cocktails can be enjoyed.

The charm of Maison de la Luz truly is in the details. From the distinctive concierge desk with art deco lettering paired with brass globe lights, to the heavy-handed silk tastle key fob that gives you access to your room – everything has been thought of. Even the bathrooms boast luxurious details including a spacious free-standing tub, with a French-style telephone shower and faucet. The floors feature four different tones of marble layed out in a geometric mosaic. The glass shower doors open with a sculptural snake handle. Studio Shamshiri has created a layered design that appears as though it were the vision of a singularly quirky aristocrat.