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Designer Maggie Cruz had one goal for this new construction project: “Inject some charm into this large-scale home while still keeping it clean and fresh.” We’d say she hit the mark — with a clever design plan, the home now looks stately and elegant. And as you’ll see, there’s plenty of charm.
“The entry foyer is a play on your typical formal foyer featuring checkerboard floors and wood paneling,” Maggie explains. “However, we decided on a grey and white mix for the marble floors and shiplap walls to help soften the space.” This space is one that Maggie is quite fond of, as it sets the stage for what’s to come.
Beyond the entry is the kitchen, which Maggie describes as the star of the house and the space where the family spends most of their time. There’s a nice mix of old and new here, including a custom hutch-style cabinet with an encaustic tile and Carrara counter. The tile was sourced from Original Mission Tile and Maggie developed custom color combinations to use throughout the home.
The living room is another “wow” moment, as it was designed to be a library which could house the client’s collection of antiques, books, and art. The bookshelves have contrasting colors, bringing a warmth to the room. Maggie recalls, “We wanted to make sure that this space was inviting and used by the family daily.” 
As far as favorite rooms in the home, one in particular stands out to Maggie — and us as well. The master bathroom has an airy and light color scheme, with a gorgeous tub and a wrap-around bench. “It feels uncomplicated with a casual elegance,” the designer concludes. “If it were me I would be in that round tub all the time.”  Start the slideshow to take a tour.