“I live in the sand section in Manhattan Beach and at least once a week I look out the window and think, ‘I can’t believe I get to call this place home,’” Lynn Carson Stone says with a smile. “I’m still in awe of the beautiful ocean view and magnificent sunsets. I’ve watched my son surf from my living room, and I’ve seen dolphins. It will never get old.”

As one of Hunter Carson Design’s co-founders, Stone has inherent good style that’s clearly informed by her locale. “When it came to designing the home, the ocean views shaped the majority of my decisions: I wanted to make sure we capitalized on them everywhere we possibly could… I used a hammer to tear down part of a wall in the kitchen because it blocked the sightline. My contractor was like, ‘You are not going to be our typical client.’”

Typical client, she was not. When she first purchased the home, it was a multi-colored gingerbread Victorian with red carpet, lace curtains and a vintage restaurant size Wolf stove — on wheels. “It took up most of the kitchen,” she laughs. “There was also a full, blown out bar, with a mixer, refrigerator and sink in the living room. Did I mention it was a two bedroom and we are a family of six? That’s how much my husband, Rob, and I loved the location.”

She got to work bringing her personal style to the 2,100 square foot space. She flipped the floorplan, since upstairs had the best view. “That’s where we have our kitchen/living/dining areas. One of its best areas is a corner nook of the upper floor where I custom-designed a daybed for lounging and ocean viewing. Above it is an Italian chandelier made out of hand-blown glass.”  

In the dining room, a Kelly Wearstler chandelier hangs above a 12-foot trestle table surrounded by Verner Panton-inspired chairs. “They’ve got great lines and are completely indestructible,” Stone explains. Here, she wisely placed an indoor/outdoor carpet for easy cleanup. The kitchen island has durable white quartzite on it with an Austrian chandelier hanging above. “The light was one of the first things we purchased when Rob and I went from renters to our first home. Using Italian shell tiles for the kitchen backsplash, we interspersed shiny with matte for a subtle sunset glimmer.” Here, all appliances are by Thermador.

Stone says designing for herself was a bit more difficult than her client work. “There was so many things I wanted to do that narrowing it down was difficult, so I’m very grateful to some amazing people for their help: Talia Fredrick of Talia Interior Design graciously suggested I use her quartzite after I drooled all over it in her kitchen. Alison Koch of Outfit Homes helped me pick out the perfect seating for my living room. MaryBeth Christopher of MBC Interiors helped with the paint color in my bedroom and Thank God for my design partner, Mandy, my bedroom might have looked like a dorm room if it wasn’t for her. She sent me an email titled Buy This. I did and now I love the space.”

For now, the “glam surf shack” is her ultimate respite. “My perfect day at home is sleeping in late with Rob. Having him make me coffee and breakfast for our four kids. I’d lounge on our daybed in the living room with our dog Cali and beat one of my children at backgammon. (It became our family obsession during COVID.) We’d all walk to the beach and spend a few hours in the sand before having friends over for dinner. (I wouldn’t cook so it would be delicious.) We’d sip cocktails, the kids would have mocktails and we’d sit around the fire pit on our patio, watching the sun go down. Ideally, a few of our lovely neighbors would join the party. The night would end with the sound of yacht rock and laughter.”