You might be surprised to find that this remarkably modern home is actually a “beach house” with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Located in Marina del Rey, the four-level single family home doesn’t feel particularly coastal, but that’s by design. Shirry Dolgin of ASD Interiors was brought on by a young couple to merge high-end luxury with kid-friendly practicality. The property certainly pays homage to its beach house origins, but artfully blends both modern and contemporary design to accommodate the discerning clients well into the future. 

Who was the client for this project and what were their requests for the space? Any requirements or things they absolutely didn’t want?
This project was for a young couple, Eugene and Olga, and they were expecting their first baby! The focus was on mixing the modern necessities of luxury living and at the same time integrating practical family life. It was a challenge to figure out how to infuse luxury and contemporary materials and details with the full understanding that this is going to be for a young family with a newborn baby. They didn’t want the design to be overly complicated to maintain but wanted something that looked high end.

What was the condition of the home when you started the project?
It had not been touched since the late 90s and it was in serious need of an update! The previous owners used it as their beach house and lived out of the state most of the time. So when my clients bought the home, they knew they had to gut it completely. Everything was brown and heavy and felt very outdated. 

The home is quite modern but still feels appropriate for the beach. How did you strike that balance? 
This balance was something we were constantly thinking about in all of our material selections. The goal was to absolutely avoid a typical “beach house” feel. Neither myself or the client wanted that. Instead we used a combination of the color palette you would normally see near the ocean and worked with lots of contemporary layers to create a new definition for casual and elegant beach living.

What was the biggest design risk you took that paid off?
That would be my use of patterns. That’s always the risky element I am often introducing to clients because without my guidance they would often shy away from using pattern and textures in their homes. You can see it in the dining room ceiling, powder bathroom, laundry room, and in other elements throughout the entire home.

Shirry shares more design details in the slideshow.