Though many musicians dream of touring the world and playing to sold-out crowds, there’s still a longing for home. Christian artist Matthew West, who is often on the road, wanted to establish a home base for his family on a property that would allow for a music studio. Initially, he wanted a new construction and was working with Nashville designer Lori Paranjape to create something custom. However, they soon found a property that really fit the bill. “We were in the process of designing a custom new home for them when they made the decision to buy an existing property and do a major renovation instead,” Lori shares.

Matthew and his wife Emily are a balance of edgy (him) and classic (her), and Lori worked to make sure both would be reflected in this home. “The main living spaces of the home are quite classic,” Lori explains. “A white kitchen, a formal dining room… but the artwork has a modern touch and the music studio and pool house is full-on edgy.”

In the slideshow, Lori shares more details — like the feminine walk-in closet for Emily that’s total #goals and the unique design elements in the music studio. Though the renovation was a bit of a drawn-out process, Matthew, Emily, and family are thrilled to call this unique and comfortable property home.