When you work for the family company and that company transformed the world of furniture painting, it’s no surprise your home is full of color. Such is case for the home of Felix Sloan, son of Annie Sloan. Annie developed Chalk Paint® in 1990 to match her own high standards as an artist, using her knowledge of color, paint, pigments and art history. The Annie Sloan collection now include both the original Chalk Paint®, which can be used for furnishings and artistic applications, and a new line of wall paint coming to the US soon.

Growing up surrounded by color has clearly impacted Felix’s design sense. Much of the home has been transformed using Annie Sloan paints, from the walls to furniture to even the tiles of the fireplace. Felix says, “I just had to paint over the shiny orange tiles to fit with the new style for the room. I designed about 20 different patterns before I settled on this one.” That’s true of much of the house, which has come together over time. “Bit by bit, slowly but surely. We’ve been here for 3 years and there’s still so much I want to do with the place. I tend to plan things out a lot. I usually sketch out ideas on my computer before I reach for a paint brush. Then, inevitably once I do start painting, I find things take on a life of their own.” Felix shares the home with his partner, who also works for the family business, and their daughter (that’s her adorable room with the pink mountain-esque walls up there.)

See more of the home in the slideshow!