Point Grey is a quiet waterfront neighborhood in Vancouver, B.C. It’s casual and beachy, making it a sought-after destination for homeowners who prioritize tranquility. Naturally, Point Grey served as the perfect landing spot for a commercial pilot who had called downtown home for years — he was ready for a quiet oasis to return to after flying long-haul flights across the globe. When he purchased the home, it wasn’t in disrepair but it was in its original state. Built in 1990, it had modest details and conventional construction. The homeowner’s realtor wisely referred him to Regeneration Design Studio to bring the property up to date.

“The existing home had an unconventional split-level design with rooms organized on different levels, and [it was] quite separated, visually and spatially,” Hitesh Neb, Principal at Regeneration Design Studio says. “During design development, we decided that keeping the split-level organization for the rooms worked really well for the volume of the space. This challenged us to find a way to connect the rooms visually and spatially.” The contractor for the project suggested a floating stair on a structural glass stringer. “At first, it seemed a little outrageous, but it made total sense,” Hitesh shares. “Using glass instead of drywall guards visually connected the spaces, which also connected the rooms spatially.” Additionally, by using the glass railing and floating stairs, the skylight in the atrium bathes the middle of the home with natural light. There is also a statement Bocci chandelier here, with a burst of bright colors that you can see from both sides of the home.

The kitchen is equipped with gourmet appliances, custom stonework and cabinetry (painted in Benjamin Moore’s Owl Grey), and multi-colored light fixtures. The lighting was a leap of faith, according to Regeneration’s interior designer, Michelle Jin. “The clients were out of town at the time, so we sent photos of the Woud Annular pendants. They loved them so we just did it,” she says. “They work beautifully in that space.”

Attached is a dining area with French doors that lead to the backyard. “It is such a great redo of the floor plan,” Michelle explains. “The sunlight in that space is heavenly.” Together, the kitchen and dining areas are quite roomy, making it a great spot for the family to hang out as well as entertain. “The minimalist details complement the oversized chef suite of appliances and the bright accessories sprinkle a joyful essence to the space,” Hitesh says. 

In the living area, the client’s request for the design direction to be appropriate to the location is cleanly executed — it’s casual, a little beachy, and supremely comfortable. There are white walls, light wood flooring, and a few bursts of color. “But in the evenings, it’s also super vibey,” Michelle explains. “The palms become a dark silhouette with the dimmed chandelier peeking through, the fireplace goes on… there’s an element of the beach but it’s sexier.”

The top two levels were redesigned to accommodate an extra bedroom and ensuite, converting the two bedroom, two bathroom dwelling into a three bedroom and 3 ensuite dwelling, giving the property a lot more flexibility for the owner and ensuring enough room for his two adult children to visit frequently. That said, the master suite admittedly has the best views in the entire house. There’s a skylight above and unobstructed views of the mountains, what we can only imagine is a familiar and comforting scene for the seasoned pilot to enjoy at home.