The first visit designer Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs paid to this Long Beach townhouse, it felt like a time capsule.It was very closed off and uninviting,” she recalls. “The stairs to the second floor looked like I had walked into a hall of mirrors at the county fair. It didn’t have any personality and really needed an update from its plain Jane 70s vibe.”

The kitchen had been updated, but its small size and inconvenient layout made it feel uninviting and cramped. Linda continues, “All the bathrooms had an 80s look that you saw in movies like Weird Science or Karate Kid, with that typical white 1×1 tile on the floors that had big grout lines, cabinet doors that were thick with beveled edges and faucets that had handles that were meant to look like crystal, but were those chunky, clear plastic knobs. The bones were there, but the state of the home was just not the cool, fun vibe that the homeowners were looking for.”

The homeowners, a young couple who had just bought their first home together, had different tastes and design preferences. “One really gravitated to mid-century modern and the other towards farmhouse,” Linda says. “I had to look at the different elements of each style and combine them in a way that made sense, but not random. When going over inspiration pics with my clients, I noticed that they gravitated towards the warmer, neutral wood floors and gray/white color palette of farmhouse. But they also pulled towards the openness, clean lines and pops of color in mid-century modern. The one thing that both design styles had in common was the color black, so I used that as the thread to combine all the different elements for the home.”

The combination of their styles resulted in a beautiful space. “I pulled out some of the brass and rich wood colors from mid-century for the furnishings and fixtures, then used blue as the pop of color for the home,” Linda shares. “I used the gray and white colors of farmhouse for a subtle backdrop to the brass and richer wood tones. The combinations that I did of mid-century and farmhouse really brought their personalities together to make it their own and unique. This space will stay classic over time, too, because I combined the right design elements of the two styles. Now, they won’t have to go through another major reno until they move into another home that’s outdated.”

The project took about 8 months from start to finish. “Once we finished with construction and I got to bring in all the jewelry for the place, they were proud of their space and couldn’t believe that it was their home,” Linda smiles. “Opening up the space and making a better flow into the kitchen along with updating the bathrooms, picking new materials throughout, and bringing in new furnishings, plants, artwork and accessories really made the space feel like I brought the home truly ‘Back To The Future’ with Marty McFly’s DeLorean. My client’s neighbors were also amazed by how things turned out. When they saw the project finishing up, my clients got a lot of requests to tour the space!”