Guests arrive at La Ferme de Georges in Atins, Brazil in several ways. Many arrive by 4×4 vehicles. Others choose to horseback in. Some even take a three-day guided trek in order to arrive at the retreat that is equally prized for its clean design and total disconnection.

La Ferme de Georges is the creation of Pierre Bident Moldeva and Olivier Verwilghen, from Paris and Antwerp. Both share a passion for encounters perfectly described by Pierre:,”What I do love is the simple pleasure of a large table of friends gathering together.” (The duo have two properties, La Ferme de Georges in Atins and Chez Georges in Rio.)

Building La Ferme, however, has been no small feat. “The access and delivery of materials that mostly came by boat from the port of Barreirinhas to Atins beach, taking an hour and half ride and then transported by buffalo from the beach to La Ferme in one hour,” says Pierre. The retreat is actually still under construction, he explains. “The construction of the Farm was done in two years and every year we build a new chalet. 2018 will be the year of building our swimming pool.”

While the materials have quite a trip to get to Le Ferme. Pierre and Olivier chose to use Brazilian woods throughout the farm, from the Pau D’Arco that resists the rain on the exterior to Massaranduba for the pillars to Canela de Velha or “cinnamon” wood that has a uniquely patterned trunk. The chalets and other buildings have been intentionally designed with natural ventilation thanks to Vara de Carrasco, a very soft wood that is bent to create vents.

Pierre and Olivier like to join their guests on the beach, often accompanied by their Dalmations, Ipa and Nema. As a bonus, Olivier is a Kite IKO instructor and with constant wind from June to December, Atins is an exceptional kite spot for beginners or experts. Time at La Ferme is spent simply from enjoying the beach to strolling through the property’s extensive farm. Pierre says, “We have built a garden for salads and it is perfectly integrated to the restaurant, La table de Georges. Our guests can pick some herbs themselves for their breakfast omelettes enjoying the most of the garden-to-plate concept.” 

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