Sydney based prop stylist and designer Jason Grant keeps busy. He recently released his second book, Holiday at Home. (Away at Home for those of us in the US.) He also just finished his redesign of the home he shares with his partner, Andrew. (How cute is that marquee sign?!) Today we take a tour around his bright, sunny home and learn more about the man behind the designs.

Your home is the perfect blend of neutrals and color. Tell us your philosophy on making color work in a home.
I’m a big fan of a pop of color when decorating – I love working color with natural timbers and other organic materials. I have loved color as long as I can remember and I encourage people to add a touch of their favorite shade to their space. Color makes you happy!

When decorating a space, where’s the first place you start and why?
I think its important to get the basics right – starting with a floor plan and working with the big pieces first. A room should look great but be functional, too. Decorating over time and adding to your space gradually is my preferred way – I think your home should be constantly evolving as you keep adding to it as you go.

Were there any challenges when merging your style with Andrew’s?
Surprisingly I’m relaxed about who’s in charge of decorating our space. Andrew and I have similar tastes from different points of view and combine them to make an eclectic home filled with a mixture of things we love.

Teamwork is key for a couple creating their home! Now that it’s all settled, what is your favorite aspect of your home?
The open plan living/dining/kitchen area. For a modest sized apartment the open plan gives it a loft like feel. We’re also fortunate to have ample sunlight and, living in Bondi, lucky to be so close to the beach.

We’ll admit, we’re jealous! You’ve been busy lately aside from your own home. Tell us a little bit about your book. What can readers expect to get from it?
Away At Home is really about creating relaxed spaces. I’m not a fan of overstyled rooms- homes are made to be lived in. Taking inspiration from getting away and holding onto that feeling feels natural to me. It’s my way of decorating. My style is relaxed, laid back and casual but still fun and colorful. I love a mix of modern and vintage and high and low end. In the end, it’s all about the edit.

Words to live by. Thanks, Jason! To learn more about Jason’s approach to design (and his fabulous home), click through the slideshow!