Writing about my own design process is always challenging but especially so today as this is the last story I’m writing after over seven years (!) at Rue. It’s been a phenomenal run and though my career is headed in a different direction, I am so thankful to have been part of #TeamRue and can’t wait to see how Rue continues to grow. Okay, sappy stuff is over. Let’s get to the bedroom! 

The itch to give my bedroom a new look all started during a trip to Mexico City where I feel in love with the mix of classic charm and modern design. I wanted the room not to be tied to just one place, however. I wanted it to feel as though it could be inspired by Sedona or Morocco – any place that embraces color and natural texture. Then I found a vintage rattan cabinet on Craigslist, convinced my father-in-law to lend a hand picking it up, and really started to design.

First on the list was setting the tone for the space by saying goodbye to builder’s grade beige walls. Portola Paints Lime Wash was key to capturing the feeling of stone walls and years of paint, and while you have to apply by brush, not rollers, I was amazed at how easy it was (getting that line straight not so much… but worth it!) Best of all, there is absolutely zero ‘paint smell.’ I used Potter’s Clay on the ceiling and top third of the walls and El Coyoté below. The texture is absolutely incredible and I love how much the color in the space changes depending on the lighting. Painting the IKEA nightstands to match allowed them to blend in while adding needed storage. 

I also knew I wanted a rattan bed and looked at dozens, always returning to the clean lines of this Serena and Lily beauty that balances out the funkier vintage piece well. Beyond those decisions, I had a dozen swirling ideas and total paralysis. Luckily, I knew just who to turn to – a good friend (and my former classmate when I studied interior design) who has spent the last 10 years working in residential and hospitality design here in the Bay Area, Alexa d’Argencé

Her response? “Delight! We were always partners on projects in school so to work together again is so special. I totally “got” your references and concept, so from there it was just a matter of finding the right pieces to make it come alive, within your budget.” 

Having someone who really knows how to intentionally bring a space together, not just by tinkering over time, cut short my endless nights of debating and pinning. Alexa convinced me I had space for a bench (she was right!) and that the gold mirror I had planned would be much better suited to the space if it were gray (also correct!) 

Another major decision she assisted with was the lighting. I’ve longed loved Schoolhouse Electric and when Alexa suggested these sconces I knew instantly they added the hotel-chic vibe I was wanting. Paired with a pendant also from Schoolhouse, the room shares my celebration of statement accessories. 

We finished the room by lining the windowsill with plants and adding in personal mementos. See the whole space in the slideshow!