At first glance, this monochromatic white restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico instills a sense of calm and peace. The texture of the walls and the warm wooden farm-style furniture make it feel inviting. However, with further observation, Hueso (the name means “bone” in Spanish) lives up to its macabre name. With over 10,000 bones layered on the wall, the restaurant evolves into a Tim Burton-esque space.

Located in a 1940s building, the restaurant was designed by Igancio Cadena of Cadena + Asociados for his chef brother Alfonso Cadena. The menu, like the design, is focused on interesting cuts of meat, such as bone marrow, and has become one of Guadalajara’s trendiest dinner spots. The concept behind the design is based on Darwin — besides the bones, the wall is layered with anatomical drawings. It feels almost like a curiosity museum. The exterior of the restaurant represents a protective outer-layer to the interior, where graphic designer José Noé Suro created hand made tiles with a graphic, stitch like pattern that is reminiscent of aztec art. Hueso definitely doesn’t leave you indifferent.