After first studying architecture at Cornell University, Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs says “I found Architecture to be quite dry and missing the texture, color, and lifestyle cues I was craving. By chance, I happened upon a student exhibit of Interior Design work in my university and I realized THIS was what I was actually looking to learn. Luckily my university had both majors so it was an easy transfer to make. Once I found my place in the right major, I have been dedicated to the field ever since.” 

Today Natalie is giving us a glimpse into her own home which she has just given a spring refresh. Learn more below and see Natalie’s home plus her tips for your own spring refresh projects in the slideshow! 

How long had you been in your home and why did you decide it was time for a refresh?

We had been in our home almost 2 years when I felt like it was time to get to this stage of refining and refreshing. The first two years were about the heavy lifting of turning a fixer-upper into my dream home. The decor was kind of hurried to get to a finished place. Once the dust settled, I took a step back to assess how to create better balance and flow in the house. And also make it more visually interesting.

What was your number one goal in the redesign? 

The redesign started with admitting I was wrong about window coverings. When we first moved in I had taken down all of the existing shades thinking the previous owner was a fool to cover the views and the floor to ceiling windows. Once we lived in the house for two summers I saw for myself how hot and blindingly bright it got in the Western part of the house. She was right all along. I was ready to bite the bullet and install sheer drapery across the entire span of the den. Having the new light balancing sheers instantly transformed the space into feeling like being inside a cloud. I immediately wanted everything to be as light and natural. With a ruthless hand, I sold chairs, a sofa, and rugs. I brought in strictly white, natural, or tan hues with contrasting black accents. Now the spaces feel more unified and lighter.

Now that the wide sheer drapery panel is in, I’m both proud of the difference and embarrassed I was too stubborn to do it sooner. I can enjoy the space as a den for much longer periods of time and actually be more productive and inspired while using it as home studio work space.

I’m also proud of the little DIY removable wallpaper install at the end of the hall. A pretty boring dead area has turned into a focal point with textural graphic wallpaper and an edgy collection of prints. 

Were there any particular challenges? 

I had a specific style goal to achieve but I live in a Los Angeles midcentury house, not Bali. You can’t take the whites and beiges too far in one direction without it feeling forced. I made sure to keep some authentic vintage ceramics and midcentury walnut furnishings to keep the decor grounded to a time and place. It’s also hard not to play with this season’s trend colors like blush, mustard, and terra cotta. As long as you don’t invest too heavily in one trend and try it out with a few inexpensive few textiles, there is no harm in having a little fun too.