Maison Bréguet is the epitome of Parisian cool – at the hands of previous real-estate promoters Brice Errera and Samuel Gelrubin, who also happen to be impossibly stylish, this hotel has been carefully crafted by a select group of highly talented friends. Just take the restaurant for example: owned and run by the famous Parisian chef David Lanher in partnership with Marco Marzilli, who also happened to previously be Daft Punk’s manager. The bar menu has been created by 2014’s best mixologist Nico de Soto, the music and films by Journalist Emily Barnette, and a boutique full of unique wares by Charlotte Balme.

Considering this cool group of people who have collaborated on it, it is unsurprising that Maison Bréguet is located in between Paris’ 4th and 11th arrondissement – an area known for its fashion-forward shops, culture, and innovative food scene. But the most striking thing about the hotel is its style: it has a slick 1960’s Mad Men look but with a 21st-century twist. The 53 rooms are spacious (for Paris, that is) and some are even interconnected for families that are staying together. The whole idea is to create a home-like vibe (only better).