For the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing change in the hotel-industry: now more than ever, hotels bring in the comfort and personalization of home living, with the elegance and convenience of luxury travel. Airbnb has changed the way we think of short-stay rentals, bringing in an editorialized vibe. And conversely, boutique hotels are answering to clients’ demands for having a bit more of personality and design when it comes to overnight travel.

We’ve featured many of our favorite places to stay around the world, but we thought we’d share another one that masters the concept of “clean” and “personalized”: Hotel SP34. Staying at this hotel is like having a much cooler, design-oriented friend in Copenhagen. Located in the bohemian Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, Hotel SP34’s simple decor accentuates the minimalist architecture, but in a cozy way. And going back to the concept of it feeling like the home of your cool Copenhagen local, this hotel has a welcoming vibe – breakfast consists of organic fruit, smoothies, and homemade bread, and at 5pm you can head down to the bar for a complimentary glass of wine. Did we mention they also have a killer selection of Port wines?

Designed by Morten Hedegaard, Hotel SP34’s concept is bohemian luxury. Frequented mostly by local Danes for business as well as a few in-the-know global travelers, the owners wanted to merge a simple modern feel that the Scandinavians are so well-known for with comfort (a fluffy white duvet on every bed) and small doses of style (industrial lighting and leather chairs). Whether you want to stay in and enjoy the complimentary REN bath products, or head to one of the hotel’s two restaurants (we hear that Cocks + Cows SP34 has the best hamburgers in the city), this boutique hotel really delivers.

Until we head over there ourselves, for now, we’ll just be taking in the visual inspiration.