St-Rémy is a town in Provence most famously known as Van Gogh’s location of choice for many of his paintings. Leafy small streets and golden sunny weather are what attract travelers to this quaint town, quintessentially charming in its classic architecture and rustic flavors. Now, it’s had a modern makeover with trendy bars and shops, and one-of-a-kind buildings such as the Hotel de Tourrel.

Originally a 17th century palace of the de Tourrel d’Almeran family, this imposing building was painstakingly restored for more than 13 years by its co-owners Margot Stängle and Ralph Husgen. They converted 24 original rooms into 7 breathtaking suites, offering supreme comfort and elegance. Here, you’ll find modern tastes alongside a classically beautiful structure. The furniture pieces are also considered classics, made by the German brand ClassiCon (a furniture company who signs, numbers and dates each piece to protect the uniqueness of each one). The soft artwork and luxurious finishings bring a subdued richness to the space.

If you are a foodie, you’ll love the Nouveau Mediterranean hotel restaurant by Chef Benoit Fauci; if you are practically an enologist because you love wine so much, you’ll be impressed by the rare and vintage wines of its cellar; if you just want to take the scenery in, the roof-top pool will provide panoramic views.

We’re adding the Hotel de Tourrel on our must-visit list and will be sourcing its design as inspiration for our future projects.